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Houston Astrodome: 25th Anniversary

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  • 1989
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Houston Astrodome: 25th Anniversary
  • Original Title: Houston Astrodome: 25th Anniversary

Ever since the Astrodome's grand opening night on April 9, 1965, when the Astros hosted the legendary Mickey Mantle and the New York Yankees in an exhibition game, baseball under glass has produced exciting times and great memories. The Astrodome revolutionized baseball and the game hasn't been the same since. Take a fun look back at the early years. Relive the excitement of the 1980 and '86 playoff series, then review the 1989 season as the Astros' young guns came of age, ready for the 1990s. All of these moments and more are captured in this video tribute to the Astros and their 25 years in the "Eight Wonder of the World." Written and produced by Houston sports journalist and Astros broadcaster Bruce Gietzen.

Houston Astrodome: 25th Anniversary
Bruce Gietzen
Bruce Gietzen Writer, Producer
Ted Haracz
Ted Haracz Executive Producer
David Giliberti
David Giliberti Camera Operator
Mark Kennedy
Mark Kennedy Camera Operator
Jamey Tidwell
Jamey Tidwell Camera Operator
Bruce Gietzen
Bruce Gietzen Narrator
Norm Miller
Norm Miller Himself
Harry Craft
Harry Craft Himself
Jimmy Wynn
Jimmy Wynn Himself
Art Howe
Art Howe Himself
Greg Gross
Greg Gross Himself
Jim Deshaies
Jim Deshaies Himself
Mike Scott
Mike Scott Himself
Glenn Davis
Glenn Davis Himself
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Himself
Kevin Bass
Kevin Bass Himself
Gerald Young
Gerald Young Himself
Ken Caminiti
Ken Caminiti Himself
Craig Biggio
Craig Biggio Himself
Yogi Berra
Yogi Berra Himself
Eric Anthony
Eric Anthony Himself

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