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Haus of Pain

  • 8 10
  • 2017
  • Nonemin
Haus of Pain
  • Original Title: Haus of Pain

Rooster Teeth’s James Willems plays video games for a living, but he still harbors an unfulfilled childhood dream: to become a pro wrestler. That all changes when James teams up with friend and co-worker Lawrence Sonntag to enroll in a Los Angeles wrestling school, create wrestling personas (“James Angel” and “The Troll”), and train for a tag team match against a pair of vicious pro wrestlers known as “HATE.” How far will James and Lawrence push themselves to achieve James’s dream? Do they have what it takes to wrestle a pro team and not get killed?

Haus of Pain
Mat Hames
Mat Hames Director
Burnie Burns
Burnie Burns Executive Producer
Matt Hullum
Matt Hullum Executive Producer
Doreen Copeland
Doreen Copeland Supervising Producer
Beth Hames
Beth Hames Producer
Audrey Long
Audrey Long Associate Producer
Brian Nelligan
Brian Nelligan Director of Photography
Melinda Bonifay
Melinda Bonifay Post Production Supervisor
Kelli Bechtol
Kelli Bechtol Post Production Assistant
Rick Hays
Rick Hays Sound Mixer
Bruce Greene
Bruce Greene Himself
Adam Kovic
Adam Kovic Himself
Matt Peake
Matt Peake Himself
Clint Lopaty
Clint Lopaty Himself
Danny Cleary
Danny Cleary Himself
Bo Cooper
Bo Cooper Himself

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