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Disaster at Chernobyl

  • 0 10
  • 2004
  • Nonemin


Renny Bartlett
Renny Bartlett Director, Scenario Writer
Stefan Ivanov
Stefan Ivanov Director of photography
Kris Kalinski
Kris Kalinski Sound Designer
Nikolai Steinberg
Nikolai Steinberg Himself - Senior Nuclear Physicist
Alexander Yuvchenko
Alexander Yuvchenko Himself - Chernobyl Survivor , Chernobyl Survivor
Boris Stolyarchuk
Boris Stolyarchuk Himself - Control Room Survivor
Piers Paul Read
Piers Paul Read Himself - Author, 'Ablaze'
Anatoli Diatlov
Anatoli Diatlov Himself - Control Room Victim (archive footage)
Sergei Yankovsky
Sergei Yankovsky Himself - Senior Investigator, Chernobyl Disaster
Mikhail Gorbachev
Mikhail Gorbachev Himself - Premier, Soviet Union (archive footage)
Igor Slavinskiy
Igor Slavinskiy Anatoli Diatlov (as Igor Slavinski)
Aleksander Khoroshko
Aleksander Khoroshko Alexander Akimov
Volodya Stepanenko
Volodya Stepanenko Leonid Toptunov
Aleksander Klimbutski
Aleksander Klimbutski Boris Stolyarchuk
Wolodymyr Holosnyak
Wolodymyr Holosnyak Valeri Perevozchenko
Vladimir Mamchur
Vladimir Mamchur Alexander 'Sasha' Yuvchenko
Irina Pavliuk
Irina Pavliuk Natasha Yuvchenko
Nikita Chavinin
Nikita Chavinin Kirill Yuvchenko
Vladimir Melnyk
Vladimir Melnyk Valeri Khodemechuk
Vladimir Velianik
Vladimir Velianik Yuri Tregub (as Vladimir Velyanik)
Denis Granchak
Denis Granchak Sasha Agulov
Vladimir Ilenko
Vladimir Ilenko Nicolai Fornin (as Vladimir Ilyenko)

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