Three witty war short documentaries you must see

22 de desembre de 2020

One thing the following three documentaries about war - that you can watch online at Guidedoc - have in common is their ingenious way of approaching and questioning the phenomenon of war from a child's play point of view. Is war a macabre extension of our childhood impulses?

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Real Man’s Film



There is an old popular saying in the Balkans "Every generation has its war." In an area that has historically been decimated by conflicts of all kinds, in this short film director Nebojša Slijepčević watches children and teenagers of the Balkans play with war toys of all kinds with a very particular enthusiasm.

The film works on this kind of apology for war and masculinity and discusses how the narrative of a country continues to be transferred generationally. It is as if the wounds of the past still throb in the present with descendants who have only heard of ancient wars from the voices of their parents.

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Girls And Honey



An elderly couple refuse to leave their home in the village of Pesky, Ukraine, despite the fact that a war of international proportions rages around them. Anatoli and Svetiana are dedicated to beekeeping and have a special affection for the family of bees that allows them to practice their beloved profession.

This beautifully photographed documentary, not lacking in humor and viscerality, makes us see with a fractal vision - almost like from a bee’s eye perspective - this warlike microcosm where pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian army try to violently delimit a territory in permanent claim.

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Find Fix Finish


When it comes to buying a drone to have fun with our children or nephews, we never stop to think that the most advanced armies in the world first used these flying objects. What for an ordinary person is just a toy or a photographic gadget, for soldiers in various parts of the world is a very efficient killing machine.

In this multi-award-winning experimental short film, directors Sylvain Cruiziat and Mila Zhluktenko intermingle footage shot by a drone in everyday situations with the testimonies of three military drone pilots who tell of their experience in the battle theaters in which they have performed.


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