Three western documentary films to watch online

12 de febrer de 2020

How to reinvent the western genre in contemporary cinema? The following documentaries available to watch online on Guidedoc have some great answers to this question.

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Premiered at the prestigious Visions Du Réel Documentary Film festival, this documentary short film takes us to a desert Spanish town where the legendary Sergio Leone directed several of his westerns. Once an ideal location for the universe of American cowboys, in the present this town is practically a lonely place, in which only a few characters wander through the memories of the golden times.

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California City



How an unfinished industrial city can go from being apocalyptic to be an idyllic setting for a futuristic western? This curious creative documentary navigates between these two rivers and follows an exterminator of pests in stagnant water through the tiring Mohave Desert in California. The routine of this man, a kind of astronaut lost on a lifeless planet, is dotted by his nostalgic memories of his ex girlfriend who plays a bucolic harmonic.

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Black Beast


An old cowboy who lives alone in a small wooded town claims to have seen a mysterious black panther. This short film of a little more than half an hour long hovers around this uncertain premise, in which western elements are distilled with the perfect doses of suspense and author's touch.

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