Three must see documentaries from India

2 de setembre de 2019

India, a massive territory. Great filmmakers tried to encapsulate it with their eyes to take the images to other territories eager for unimaginable worlds. Here at Guidedoc we believe that the greatness of this fascinating continent, full of millions of stories as inhabitants, can be experienced little by little, delivered in fragments.

Here we present three documentaries filmed from the heart of India that you can watch online on Guidedoc and get closer to the continent of beauty and spirituality, of forbidden love and of a nature that resists.

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Hair India by Marco Leopardi and Raffaele Brunetti


This documentary is one of the most disconcerting fashion documentaries we will get to see. The film follows the hair of an Indian woman who was cut for religious reasons and follows it on a commercial route that takes us to Italy, where it is sold as a hair extension. But everything gets even more curious when the hair extension finally returns to India to be used by a young model at a fashion show in Bombay. With a friendly narrative, the film takes us through locations as dissimilar as Indian neighborhoods or large Italian cities. The documentary reveals the enormous social differences in India in the midst of a contradictory and superficial world.

You can watch this documentary online on Guidedoc


Lovebirds by Gianpaolo Bigoli


In a society divided into castes, such as India, even love between two people has limits. And for many, this rule is defensible with violence. In the middle of this structure stand Arti and Sanjai, two “lovebirds” from different castes that decide to marry and challenge an ancestral tradition that is even penalized by law. As in the previous case, the documentary shows us other experiences of rebel men and women who find shelter in The Love Commandos, a non-profit organization led by Mr. Sachdev, who provides protection and legal advice for those who want to defend their love against the caste system.

You can watch this documentary online on Guidedoc


Jamnapaar by Abhinava Bhattacharyya



This student short film is a delicate approach to the daily relationship between the waters of a river and those who live on its banks. The young Indian filmmaker Abhinava Bhattacharyya documents through a beautiful cinematography the connection between the river and the human beings that populate the provincial and unassisted India. Despite the serious state of pollution of the river, the inhabitants continue to give it life with their presence, using it as a means of transport and source of their daily chores.

You can watch this and other great documentaries online on Guidedoc

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