Three Moving Documentaries on Parkinson's

31 de desembre de 2020

Parkinson's is one of the most painful diseases for both the people who suffers from it and their families. Guidedoc presents three inspiring documentaries that tell stories of Parkinson's, a condition that still represents one of the great challenges of modern science.

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Of Monkeys And Turtles



As throughout the world, even in the most developed countries the State do not invest enough resources to make scientific discoveries that can help those who suffer from Parkinson's.

This documentary follows a group of people who meet spontaneously to try to lead a more autonomous life through dance in the face of the lack of support from their government.  

This art therapy represents for them much more than an alternative treatment for their disease, but also a path of hope that feeds the team identity. After all, no one is alone in the world with this condition.

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Cloudy Times


Arami, a young Paraguayan woman living in Germany, travels from Europe to her native country to meet up again with her mother, who has been suffering from Parkinson's and epilepsy for several decades.

This film documents the coexistence that Arami and her mother have in their former home in Paraguay amidst the most intimate moments and spaces. Immersed in half-lit spaces or in a fresh courtyard of old trees, we witness the deterioration of one woman and the impotence of another as the disease advances.

What does fate have in store for them? Everything is uncertain, except the love they have for each other.

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23 Kilometers



Considered the most experimental documentary on the list, this film invites us into the impressionistic world inside the mind of an old Armenian man suffering from Parkinson’s.

Set in Lebanon, both in semi-dark interiors and in idyllic Lebanese forests, our protagonist walks through various scenarios in silence, acting out a version of himself while cinematic effects try to illustrate the unbridled imagination that takes place in his mind: the hallucinations caused by the disease.

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