Three curious documentaries about winter sports

27 de desembre de 2019

Snow and competition are the elements that unite the following three documentaries available in Guidedoc. Three curious stories about winter sports on three different continents.

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The Man Who Skied On Everest


This documentary winner of the Best Documentary Feature Award at the Oscars is a classic about skiing and mountain movies. The documentary of the film The great feat of Japanese skier Yuichiro Miura, who in 1970 was able to descend Everest with his skis, in what has perhaps been the most risky skiing film ever made.


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Snow crazy


This fun documentary short film shows the obsession of Latvians with skiing. In a country of flat topography, you have to do really crazy things to achieve a decent descent on skis. Director Laila Pakalnina films the most creative ways that latvios get to develop their favorite winter sport, including an artificial snow mountain.

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Being Bruno Banani


In 2014, all the inhabitants of the small island of Tonga, in the South Pacific, waited attentively in front of their televisions to witness a great achievement for their country. It was the turn of his countryman, the athlete Bruno Banani, to sled down in the Luge competition of the Sochi Winter Olympics. This documentary tells how Banani will control being the first inhabitant of tropical Tonga to be able to be in the biggest snow competition in the world.

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