Nourishing the Soul: Ten Must-Watch Documentaries on Healthy Food and Nutrition

27 de setembre de 2023

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates


In an era of fast food and processed products, it has become increasingly important to be mindful of what we consume. With obesity and chronic diseases on the rise, the connection between our diet and our health has never been more apparent. It is not only our health that is affected by what we eat, but also the environment. The production, distribution, and waste associated with the food we consume have significant impacts on the planet. This article will highlight five essential documentaries and docuseries that delve into the world of healthy food and nutrition and their crucial role in our lives and the environment.

Understanding the intricacies of food and nutrition is vital for our well-being. It is not just about calorie counting or following the latest diet trend. It is about understanding the nutrients our bodies need, the effects of different foods on our health, and the impact of our food choices on the world around us. From the way food is produced to its journey to our plates, every aspect plays a role in our health and the environment. These documentaries shed light on these critical aspects, providing insights and knowledge that can lead to better choices and a healthier life.

The Connection Between Food, Health, and The Environment


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Reflecting on our food choices is not only a journey towards better health but also a step towards a sustainable future. The way we produce and consume food has a profound impact on the environment, from the water we use to the carbon footprint we leave behind. Making informed choices about our diet can lead to a healthier life and a better planet. As we delve into the world of healthy food and nutrition through these documentaries, let us remember the power we hold in our hands and the impact our choices can have on the world.


The 10 best documentaries for healthy nutrition



Forks Over Knives 

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This groundbreaking documentary explores the idea that many of our most debilitating chronic diseases can be controlled or even reversed by rejecting animal-based and processed foods. It follows the journey of two researchers, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, as they examine the link between diet and disease. Through interviews with experts, real-life case studies, and an analysis of the science behind it all, "Forks Over Knives" makes a compelling argument for a whole-food, plant-based diet as the key to better health and longevity.


A Chef's Heart

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Is a compelling documentary that charts the quest of Chris Naylor, a Michelin-starred chef who is striving to regain his lost stars. Through interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and his own culinary experiments, the film shows how Chris is driven by a deep passion for food and a desire to elevate the dining experience to new heights. As he develops his own unique philosophy of cooking, Chris takes us on a journey through the competitive and demanding world of haute cuisine, revealing the challenges, rewards, and creative processes that define this fascinating industry. 


Fed Up 

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This documentary, narrated by Katie Couric, dives deep into the food industry's role in the obesity epidemic that plagues America. It examines the role of sugar in our diets, the misleading marketing tactics of the food industry, and the failure of government policies to combat the issue. "Fed Up" provides an eye-opening look at the hidden truths behind the food we eat and the consequences it has on our health.


Wind’s Heritage

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From a young age, Juan was tasked with both studying and working on the farm, a responsibility that instilled in him a deep-seated connection to agriculture and the discipline it requires. Now, as a father and farm owner, he imparts his wisdom and life experiences to his children and farmhands. Debuting at the Berlin International Film Festival, this short Mexican film delves into a world often overlooked by urban dwellers—the daily grind of a farmer armed with generations of knowledge, dedicated to feeding the masses.


What the Health 

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This provocative documentary explores the connection between diet, disease, and the trillions of dollars at stake in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Filmmaker Kip Andersen investigates why leading health organizations continue to promote unhealthy dietary patterns despite overwhelming evidence linking animal-based diets to chronic diseases. "What the Health" challenges the conventional wisdom on diet and health and presents a compelling case for adopting a plant-based diet.


The Sower

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The bold documentary captures the life and work of artist and seed producer, Patrice Fortier, who is deeply devoted to safeguarding plant biodiversity. From cherishing the independence of a particular cherry tree, whose genetic makeup he wishes to conserve and proliferate, to taking pride in his Polish rutabagas, Fortier’s passion is evident in every facet of his life. Operating from his farm, La société des plantes, in the Kamouraska Valley, he is on a mission to revive rare and neglected seeds, aiming to breathe new life into our agricultural legacy.


The Game Changers 

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This captivating documentary follows the journey of James Wilks, a former UFC fighter and special forces trainer, as he discovers the power of a plant-based diet for athletic performance. The documentary features interviews with top athletes, scientists, and health experts who debunk common myths about protein, strength, and stamina. "The Game Changers" makes a compelling case for the benefits of a plant-based diet, not only for athletes but for anyone looking to optimize their health and physical performance.


The Gateway Bug

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The documentary scrutinizes America's disconnection with food amidst a climate crisis, revealing individual daily habits that can be modified to mend our broken food system, one meal at a time. It delves into the journey of edible insect start-ups in the US, highlighting the consumption of insects for protein by over two billion people globally. Through interviews with the UN, USDA, Climate Foundation, and TV chef Andrew Zimmern, and by exploring commercial cricket farms, bug-eating festivals, and legislative actions, the film transforms viewers into activists, sparking social change through education and empowerment.


In Defense of Food 

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Based on Michael Pollan's best-selling book, "In Defense of Food" examines the Western diet and its relation to the diseases of Western civilization. Pollan explores the history of food science, the rise of processed foods, and the role of the food industry in shaping our dietary guidelines. He also offers practical advice for navigating the modern food landscape and adopting a more wholesome and sustainable diet.


Our food choices affect not only our health but also the planet. Understanding the intricacies of food and nutrition is crucial for making informed decisions that lead to a healthier and more sustainable life. These documentaries provide valuable insights into the world of healthy food and nutrition, shedding light on the impact of our choices and the steps we can take toward a better future.


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