Wind’s Heritage

  • 9 10
  • 2019
  • 16min
Wind’s Heritage
  • Original Title: La Herencia del Viento

This short film premiered at the Berlinale takes us to the farm of Juan, who has worked in agriculture all his life and now passes on his knowledge to his family and collaborators.

Wind’s Heritage

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Latein Amerikanische Tage/ Arlington International Film Festival/ GIFF/ Kulinarisches/ FICG/ AFIC/ AMBULANTE/ Shorts Mexico

Wind's Heritage. How the earth nourishes us

Since he was a child, Juan was responsible for studying and working in the fields. 

His family instilled in him the discipline and connection to planting and farming. Now as a father and owner of his own farm, he shares his knowledge of life with his children and helpers.

Premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival, this short film set in rural Mexico takes us into a universe that is usually invisible to city life, the  farmer and his daily work, the person who brings food everywhere with his ancestral knowledge.

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