The Sower

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  • 2013
  • 77min
The Sower
  • Original Title: The Sower (2017)

Patrice Fortier lives among crops of carrots, rutabagas, various types of berries and other plants. This documentary is a portrait of a man passionate about agriculture.

The Sower

AWARDS: Artistic Award Festival de Films sur l'Environnement de Portneuf. Cinema Planeta/ Jury Price. Closing Night Film Canadian Grand/ 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal/ Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin/ Canadian Documentary Competition/ Hot Docs International Films Festival/ DOXA International Documentary Films Festival/ Pelicam International Film Festival/  T-Mobile Nowe Horyzonty Festival/ Fünf Seen Film Festival/ Food Focus Genève/ Vermont International Film Festival/ Festival El cine cocina

The Sower. A caretaker of biodiversity

This documentary is a portrait of artist and seed producer Patrice Fortier, who dedicates his passion and expertise to preserving plant biodiversity. 

He admires  independence in a plant. Sometimes, he dreams about a certain cherry tree whose  genetic legacy he wants to preserve and spread. Not to mention his pride in his Polish  rutabagas. Patrice Fortier isn’t crazy, he’s just seriously passionate about his work. 

Living on his company farm, La société des plantes, in the Kamouraska Valley, he is preserving and  propagating rare and forgotten seeds in order to restore vitality and variety to our agricultural  heritage. 

Julie Perron
Julie Perron Director

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