10 documentaries that uncover the hidden truths of major history events

Nov. 15, 2023

"Documentaries allow us to see the world through someone else's eyes." - Unknown


In the realm of storytelling, documentaries hold a unique power – the ability to illuminate truths that often lie hidden beneath the surface of our collective consciousness. These films do more than just inform; they challenge, provoke, and inspire. They are a window into worlds we may never experience firsthand, offering insights into diverse human experiences and unveiling the intricacies of our complex world. In this article, we explore five groundbreaking documentaries that have not only captivated audiences but have also shifted our perspective on critical global issues.


Documentaries are a vital tool in the arsenal of modern storytelling, offering an unfiltered glimpse into realities often obscured by mainstream media narratives. Ranging from intimate personal stories to sweeping examinations of societal issues, these films use real-life footage, interviews, and investigative journalism to uncover deeper truths. They encourage viewers to confront uncomfortable realities and reconsider their viewpoints on pressing global concerns.


The power of a documentary lies in its ability to humanize broad subjects, making them relatable and compelling. By presenting facts through personal stories, documentaries foster a deeper understanding and empathy toward issues that might otherwise seem distant or abstract. They catalyze discussion and change, challenging viewers to reflect on their beliefs and actions. Documentaries cut through the noise in a world saturated with information, offering a clear, focused lens on what matters.


Ten Impactful Documentaries:



The Social Dilemma

This documentary delves into the dark side of social media, exploring how platforms designed to connect us are manipulating user behavior and spreading misinformation. Featuring interviews with tech insiders, "The Social Dilemma" reveals the hidden machinations behind the screens that dominate our lives.


Tsunami Covid

This independent documentary presents a unique, year-long follow-up in which more than 30 protagonists address vital issues of the pandemic in Spain.  Among the topics are the fear and after-effects of patients, the frustration and anguish of healthcare workers who have had to leave many people aside to save others, the isolation of the sick once they are admitted, the uncertainty of relatives waiting for them at home, the loneliness of the elderly in nursing homes or the helplessness of the families of the deceased.



An explosive documentary that starts as an exploration of doping in sports and turns into a thrilling exposé of the Russian state-sponsored doping scandal. This film is a testament to the power of investigative journalism and its role in uncovering massive deceptions.


Sand And Blood

Premiered in the official selection of the Locarno Film Festival, this gripping documentary delves into the issue of refugees in Europe using viral images of the conflicts in their territories of origin. The wars in Syria and Iraq make up a large part of the archival material, mostly filmed by cell phones. Over the images, the voices of migrants living in Austria ponder the fate of their countries, the diaspora, and national identity.



A visually stunning documentary that tells the story of the last female bee-hunter in Europe, living in harmony with nature. The film is a poignant human story and a beautiful depiction of the delicate balance between humans and the natural world.


Louder Than Guns

This historic documentary delves into the profound influence of patriotic music during the tumultuous 1990s and the Homeland War, examining how these melodies became powerful instruments of political change. Beyond the visceral warfare waged with aircraft, tanks, and bombs, it was the songs that resonated most profoundly, serving as both a haunting echo of the struggles endured and a testament to unwavering political allegiance. National television played a pivotal role, recognizing music as a crucial tool in the political battlefield, thus commissioning, financing, and broadcasting these stirring anthems. Decades later, the lingering soundtrack of this era continues to evoke strong emotions and memories, highlighting music's enduring impact on a nation's history and psyche.



This shocking documentary follows the life of Tilikum, an orca whale with a history of fatal attacks during his captivity at SeaWorld. It highlights the struggles of marine animals in captivity and led to widespread protests against SeaWorld. The film's impact was significant, leading to a substantial drop in SeaWorld's stock value, a decrease in visitor numbers, and, eventually, SeaWorld's transition towards being a conservation group and the phasing out of orca shows by 2017​


Separation of East Pakistan - The Untold Story

A diverse group of politicians, journalists, and experts in the field immerse us in the intricate process of partition that Pakistan underwent in 1971. The separation of East and West Pakistan gave shape to the now-recognized Bangladesh, but what were the reasons behind it? With a sharp investigative lens, director Javed Jabbar brings us this documentary about an event that changed the geopolitical map of the great Indian subcontinent, one of the most populated and most important regions of the planet.


The Thin Blue Line

This gripping documentary focuses on Randall Dale Adams, a death row inmate wrongfully convicted for the murder of a police officer in Dallas. Filmmaker Errol Morris's investigation exposed flaws in the legal proceedings, including perjury and ignored evidence. The film spurred a public outcry, leading to a judicial review of Adams' case and his subsequent release a year later. Notably, Adams received no compensation from the state of Texas for his wrongful conviction​


Before Stonewall

This encouraging documentary is a poignant exploration of the pivotal moments and societal shifts leading up to the seminal 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City, a key turning point in the LGBT rights movement. Tracing a path through the 20th century, the film uncovers the rich and often hidden history of the gay community, from the social experimentation of the Roaring Twenties and the expansive discovery of this underground society during World War II, to the persecution and stigmatization during the McCarthy era. It also sheds light on the early movements fighting for homophile rights, setting the stage for the explosive outburst of political activism ignited at the Stonewall Inn. This documentary offers a comprehensive look into the complex historical backdrop that fueled a movement and a community's fight for equality and recognition.


In the words of legendary filmmaker Orson Welles, "The enemy of art is the absence of limitations." Documentaries thrive within the limitations of reality, using truth as their canvas to paint stories that resonate and inspire. They remind us that sometimes, the most compelling stories are the ones happening right outside our door, in the real world. So, next time you're scrolling through, Guidedoc, Netflix, or YouTube, consider diving into a documentary – it might just change the way you see the world.


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