Top 10 Family-Friendly Animal Documentaries

Oct. 6, 2023

"The natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living." Sir David Attenborough


In the sprawling world of documentaries, there's a unique, heart-touching category that unites families on the couch like no other – the animal documentary. Be it the mysterious realms of wild beasts or the adorable antics of pets, these documentaries and docuseries offer both education and entertainment, making them a perfect pick for family movie nights.

Streaming platforms like Guidedoc, Netflix, and Apple TV have recognized the universal appeal of animal documentaries, dedicating sections solely to this genre. The easily accessible "Watch Online" feature allows families worldwide to delve into the mesmerizing world of animals from the comfort of their homes. From docudramas portraying the heroic journeys of endangered species to docuseries highlighting the delightful world of pets, there’s something for every animal enthusiast. These films have the power to bridge generational gaps, making them a favored choice for family viewing.


Journey into the Animal Kingdom with These Captivating Docs


a jaguar in the jungle with its mouth open


Reflecting on the unique charm of animal documentaries, it's evident that these films do more than just showcase the animal kingdom. They cultivate empathy, stir curiosity, and foster a greater understanding of the intricate web of life we are all part of. Beyond the stunning visuals and dramatic storytelling, they prompt us to consider our role in the preservation and celebration of the diverse species that share our planet.


Top Ten Must-Watch Animal Documentaries:




a cheetah

Unveil the relentless world of the animal kingdom with "Predators," a riveting new series bringing you face-to-face with some of the most fearsome hunters of the wild. Narrated by the compelling voice of Tom Hardy, known for his stellar performance in "The Dark Knight Rises," embark on a global journey tracking lions, cheetahs, bears, and more. Witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitats, their tactics, precision, and raw power on full display. "Predators" promises to hold you on the edge of your seat, offering a breathtaking glimpse into the intricate dynamics of the animal world, proving that the realm of the wild is as dramatic and thrilling as any cinematic experience.



a little turtle in a terrarium

This heartwarming story takes a hopeful turn as a compassionate vet, a sensitive animal psychic, a dedicated scientist, and Snowy's devoted caretaker, Uncle Larry, come together to rekindle the warmth of life, love, and care for the hardy little turtle. Witness the beautiful journey of Snowy's rediscovery of a world filled with joy, comfort, and the tender touch of caring souls. Immerse yourself in the remarkable odyssey of recovery, friendship, and the enduring strength of a creature once forgotten but destined to thrive with a newfound chance at happiness.


Our Planet

a sea turtle surrounded by corals

Narrated by David Attenborough, this breathtaking docuseries showcases the beauty of our world, highlighting the diverse habitats and the wild animals that inhabit them. It’s a global tour that emphasizes the importance of conserving our planet for future generations.


The Tigers of Scotland

a cat in the snow

Venture into the wilderness with "The Tigers of Scotland," a compelling documentary now available on Guidedoc after streaming on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV. Narrated by Iain Glen, renowned for his role in the famed TV series Game of Thrones, the film offers a profound look at the endangered Scottish Wildcats. Explore the unique traits and majesty of these exceptional felines as the documentary sheds light on the crucial efforts underway to halt their impending extinction. Immerse yourself in the stirring narrative and vibrant imagery as "The Tigers of Scotland" eloquently underscores the significance of preserving the sublime creatures and the precious biodiversity of our planet.



a dog

This heartwarming docuseries celebrates the bond between dogs and their human companions. It explores personal tales from different cultures, showing how these beloved pets become part of the family, offering love, support, and comfort.


Southern Look

the jump of a whale

They are around 14 and 15 meters long. And they can weigh between 30 and 40 tonnes. 300 liters of air is what they can carry in their lungs and they have eyelids, as we do. They are located on the coasts of the Argentinean Patagonia. Filmmaker Giuliana Scicolone, born in the coastal town of Puerto Madryn, returns to her hometown to bring us this heartwarming documentary that brings us closer to these beautiful marine mammals through a family aquatic excursion.


The Elephant Queen

elephants, zebras, and giraffes

Follow Athena, a majestic elephant matriarch, on an epic journey across the African savannah in a tale of love, loss, and resilience. This documentary pays tribute to the enduring spirit of elephants and the landscapes they inhabit.


The Disenchanted Forest

a baby orangutan

Dive into the verdant world of the "forest persons," or orangutans as we know them. Native only to Asia, these magnificent creatures bear a striking genetic resemblance to humans and stand on the brink of extinction. This poignant film, crafted over two years, presents an intimate exploration into the lives, challenges, and survival strategies of orangutans. It highlights a groundbreaking revelation that these great apes, rather than relying solely on instinct, maintain a distinctive culture, passed down through generations. Witness the unwavering dedication of individuals committed to safeguarding the existence and rich heritage of orangutans, ensuring their continued resonance in the world's diverse tapestry of life.



a lioness, a penguin, a gorilla, a tiger and an African wild dog

Meet five remarkable animals, each engaged in a fierce battle for survival. Amidst the unyielding forces of nature and the challenge from rivals, these extraordinary creatures strive not just for their own existence but to protect and perpetuate their lineages. In the sprawling expanse of the natural world, witness their heroic struggles as they navigate adversity, each endeavoring to ensure their legacy is carried into the future. Embrace the epic journey of survival, as these animals confront and combat the multifaceted threats that encroach upon their dynasties, securing a future for their progeny amidst the untamed realms of the wild.


Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit

two cheerful blonde women with their cats

This is a charming and entertaining documentary that follows a group of eccentric cat owners, breeders, and judges as they compete in the Canadian cat show circuit. Through interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, the film delves into the unique and highly competitive world of cat shows, where cats are groomed, trained, and judged based on their breed standards. The film also explores the relationships between the owners and their beloved cats, revealing the passion and dedication that drives the cat show community.


Animal documentaries and docuseries hold a cherished space in the world of film. They weave tales of resilience, companionship, and the indomitable spirit of the animal kingdom, leaving viewers with a deepened respect for all creatures, big and small.


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