Three inspiring documentaries on indigenous resistance

Nov. 26, 2020

The following three documentaries available to watch online on Guidedoc tell inspiring stories of resistance by indigenous peoples who still struggle to preserve their identity in modern times.

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You Are Strong


The Ranqueles, an indigenous population originally located in the heart of the long Argentine territory, today have the challenge of continuing to integrate into the society inherited from the colony.

After being displaced by the Argentine nation several decades ago and in the midst of daily problems, this documentary follows a group of Ranqueles who try to rediscover, protect and practice their original traditions in order to pass them on to the following generations who will continue to leave the imprint of their existence in these infinite golden lands.

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Water Is Life



In this educational and entertaining short documentary we move to North America, in the fertile lands of Louisiana, United States, where a group of indigenous women struggle to defend the water of their native lands against the threat of the extractive industry.

The risks to fulfill this mission are many, including losing their own lives, but it is a will that has been inherited from years of resistance, since the very moment their ancestors settled in this place to fight the settlers. They will not rest until they prevent their water from being contaminated.


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Anuktatop: The Metamorphosis


In a remote place between French Guiana and Suriname lives the indigenous community of the Wayana, a native population that perceive how their customs are threatened by a changing world.

Derreck, a young man from the community, is aware that his reality is undergoing transformations that will only become more pronounced with the passing of time. What will become of the life of his small village in the near future?

How will they be able to adapt and survive? Mixing dramatization techniques and documentary methodology, the film aims to present a poetic essay on the changes that a community is going through inspired by its own millenary imagery.

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