Three documentaries on communism and capitalism

July 2, 2019

It is the dichotomy that has convulsed the world since the beginning of the last century. The struggle between capitalism and communism has led to great theoretical debates and luminous ideas, but it has also promoted violent revolutions, wars and deaths in all corners of the planet.

How to reinterpret these two political streams in the 21st century? Guidedoc presents three documentaries that you can watch online in our catalog, films that propose bold and different views on communism and capitalism.

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The Beast Is Still Alive by Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova



Being the granddaughter of a former Bolshevik militant who was disappointed with the direction of the Soviet Union and decided to confront the regime by joining a left-wing guerrilla, filmmaker Vesela Kazakova dusts off the classified documents of her grandfather, papers that remained for years in the hands of the Bulgarian intelligence police.

Inspired by her grandfather's dream to build an ideal model of communism, Kazakova attends a panel discussion with Slovenian philosopher and communist Slavoj Zizek and travels through several countries to learn about other communist experiences that ended up not being what they originally promulgated, such as Cuba.

Skeptical of the benefits of communism, during the film Kazakova reflects in the first person through a fictional conversation with her grandfather illustrated by animations. 

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Dark Light by John Smith


In just three minutes the filmmaker John Smith poses a powerful metaphor about the benefits and disadvantages of communism in Europe, specifically in Poland and East Berlin.

The Soviet experience on one side of the Iron Curtain, just after World War II, and the subsequent triumph of capitalism in the late eighties has allowed the Poles and East Berliners to know the best of each system.

Smith found the best image to illustrate this feeling, the metaphor of a dark tunnel at the end of the light illustrates a concise and intelligent reflection on the obsession of humanity to find the perfect political system.

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It´s Never Darker by Erika Sanchez



For 40 years, Arcadi Oliveres has been preaching his combative speech wherever he is asked to do so. We accompany him day by day in a road movie that covers his life.

Outrage, analysis of reality and coherence characterize his discourse and provide him with an incontestable veracity. This film is road movie that unites the rumble of the masses with the individual struggle of a man to overcome the pitfalls of the human condition.


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