Five great documentary trailers

May 21, 2020

Humorous, Thrillers, road movies, intimate or about social inequities in the world, the following documentaries feature trailers specially designed to attract their potential viewers. With this list of five great documentary trailers, Guidedoc celebrates the skills of filmmakers to summarize in a few minutes the essence of their films.

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In the case of Tungrus, after watching its 2-minute-long trailer we simply can't help but watch the entire work.

This is the funny story of how an Indian family definitely lost their peace in the moment they adopted a rooster.

Our little winged friend is undoubtedly the protagonist of the trailer, in which a series of apparently unrelated scenes give us a mouthful of the sensitivity with which the filmmakers handle the absurd.

The Dread



An ambulance arrives in a forgotten town in an Argentine province. Thus begins the trailer for The Dread, a thriller with a lot of tragicomedy whose raw material is the picturesque characters who tell us the myth of a mysterious healer capable of treating an incurable disease.

The faces of these memorable villagers inhabit most of the scenes shown in the trailer, giving us signs of who will guide this narrative that does not skimp on suspense and uncomfortable laughter.

The Special Need

In this documentary we follow the great journey of Carlos, Alex and their great friend Enea, a man with autism whose longed-for desire is to finally have sexual relations with a woman.

The trailer uses the codes of the road movie genre to generate a great sensation of movement for a minute and a half, where the scenes of these three friends in a van become memorable as they travel from Italy to Austria in search of a woman who satisfies the loving “need” of Enea.

I Am Breathing



Neil Platt has only a few months to live after being diagnosed with a rare congenital disease that progressively weakens his body's motor functions.

But to leave a legacy to his young son, Neil uses the technology to type a digital diary despite not being able to move any part of his body.

The trailer for I Am Breathing evokes a kaleidoscope of fragments of past memories, scenes from the present and the words typed on a computer, images that synthesize the sensory world of a father in the midst of his farewell to life.




Megacities is a documentary that reveals social asymmetries through the contrasting portraits of four major cities in the world: New York, Moscow, Bombay and Mexico City.

The following trailer evokes the quadrilateral form in which the great filmmaker Michael Glawogger conceived this classic of the social documentary dividing the screen in four to present the scenes of these cities that he puts into question under his scrutinizing gaze.

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