Essential Documentaries and True Crime Highlights for February 2024

Feb. 8, 2024


February 2024 is set to be a riveting month for fans of true crime and documentary content, with a diverse array of series and movies making their way onto streaming platforms. From the gripping narratives on Netflix to the compelling offerings on Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Max, there's no shortage of real-life stories to captivate audiences.


The documentary and true crime genres have ushered in 2024 with a series of compelling additions, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide. Among the highlights is "Natalia Speaks," a gripping follow-up that delves deeper into the mystifying saga of Natalia Grace. Equally absorbing is "The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard," offering an intimate look at Gypsy Rose's life after her release from incarceration, and "American Nightmare," which unravels a series of startling truths that grip viewers with their intensity.


The realm of documentaries has witnessed a notable uptick in content centered around cult phenomena, engrossing viewers and igniting robust discussions across various platforms. Docuseries such as "Escaping Twin Flames" and "Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God" have penetrated the secretive layers of cult organizations, presenting unparalleled insights into their operations and influence. These titles have become focal points of discussion, showcasing the intricate and often enigmatic nature of cults.


Netflix continues to dominate the true crime and documentary sectors, consistently delivering captivating content that sets the bar high for storytelling. However, the landscape is rich with diversity, thanks to contributions from other streaming giants like Hulu, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Max, each bringing their unique flair to the table. Platforms such as YouTube and GuideDoc also offer a treasure trove of documentary films and series, making it easier than ever for enthusiasts to watch online and immerse themselves in a world of factual entertainment.


Must-Watch True Crime Documentaries: 



Elegy Of A Crime

This gripping documentary delves deep into the heart-wrenching story of Isabel Burlan da Silva's murder by her partner on February 24, 2011, in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais. Directed by her son, this documentary embarks on a profound quest to piece together Isabel's life and legacy, navigating through the murky waters of impunity and grief to offer a tribute that's as much about personal loss as it is about societal failings.


Kokomo City

Set to premiere on Paramount Plus this February, "Kokomo City" emerges as D. Smith's critically acclaimed documentary sensation. The film boldly amplifies the voices of four Black transgender sex workers from Atlanta and New York City: Daniella Carter, Koko Da Doll, Liyah Mitchell, and Dominique Silver. With unflinching honesty and raw authenticity, these women dismantle the stereotypes surrounding their profession. "Kokomo City" is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of energy, sexuality, resilience, and profound insights, offering a candid glimpse into the lives and challenges faced by its protagonists.


The Lost Aviator

Unravels the enigmatic tale of pioneering aviator Bill Lancaster, brought to light by his nephew Andrew Lancaster against family wishes. Delving into a 1932 cold case that placed Bill on trial for murder in Miami, this documentary is a riveting mix of adventure, romance, and scandal, set against the backdrop of the tumultuous 1930s. It's a story that stretches from daring flights to a love triangle ending in tragedy, and a desert discovery that remained a secret for nearly three decades.


#Cybersleuths: The Idaho Murders

In a riveting exploration of the intersection between digital footprints and detective work, "#Cybersleuths: The Idaho Murders" unpacks the chilling 2022 University of Idaho killings. This docu-series not only sheds light on the tragic loss of four college students but also scrutinizes the burgeoning influence of social media in contemporary society and the judiciary. It follows a cohort of amateur sleuths, driven by their fascination with true crime, as they sift through digital clues and chase down leads in a quest for justice.


Do We Belong?

This insightful documentary is a heartrending reflection on the tragic consequences of xenophobia, centered around the 2017 murder of Srinivas Kuchibhotla in Olathe, Kansas. This documentary captures the aftermath of a hate crime that shook a community, through the eyes of the victim's widow, Sunayana Dumala, as she grapples with loss and searches for hope amidst despair.


Raël: The Alien Prophet

For those drawn to the enigmatic world of cults, "Raël: The Alien Prophet" on Netflix offers an unprecedented dive into the Raëlian Movement. Originating in France and spiraling into an international phenomenon, this docu-series charts the sect's journey to the halls of the US Congress, weaving a narrative so bizarre it blurs the lines between reality and science fiction. With elements of extraterrestrial lore, prophetic figures, and even human cloning, this series promises a bewildering odyssey into the unknown.


Sins of My Father

This thought-provoking documentary presents a riveting exploration of Pablo Escobar's legacy through the eyes of his son, Juan Pablo Escobar, now Sebastián Marroquín. This documentary, premiering at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2009, is a masterful narrative that eschews the glorification of narco-culture for a more introspective look at the burden of familial legacy and the quest for redemption. It's a story of confrontation with the past, as Marroquín meets with the children of his father's most notable victims, offering a powerful meditation on forgiveness and the breaking of cycles of violence.


Lover, Stalker, Killer

Netflix's "Lover, Stalker, Killer" presents a chilling narrative that echoes the dark side of romance and obsession. Centering on Dave Kroupa's harrowing experience, this true crime documentary delves into the aftermath of his re-entry into the dating scene, which spirals into a perilous love triangle. This narrative morphs into a four-year saga of harassment, deceit, and ultimately, murder, in the heart of America. Through intimate interviews and vivid reenactments, this feature film unravels a complex web of digital deception and real-world terror.


With My Heart in Yambo

This gripping documentary delves into María Restrepo's tragedy, the disappearance of her two brothers in Ecuador. This documentary is a journey through memory and loss, as Restrepo seeks to understand and come to terms with a past that forever altered her family's history.


The Space Race

National Geographic's "The Space Race" emerges as a heartfelt homage to the unsung heroes of America's space endeavors. This documentary spotlights the groundbreaking contributions of Black pilots, engineers, and scientists who shattered racial barriers to don the prestigious title of NASA astronaut. Directed by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza and Lisa Cortés, the film juxtaposes the astronauts' celestial achievements against the backdrop of their terrestrial struggles for equality, painting a moving portrait of resilience and ambition beyond the stars.



As February 2024 unfolds, the anticipation for new documentary releases is palpable. With a lineup that promises to cover a broad spectrum of topics—from deep-dive investigations to personal narratives—viewers are in for a month replete with captivating storytelling and enlightening revelations. These documentaries offer a profound look into human stories, each unique yet universally resonant. They are available across various platforms like Netflix, GuideDoc, and more, inviting viewers into worlds where the personal meets the political, and where every story is a mosaic of the human experience.



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