Ten Documentaries That Will Captivate Your Curiosity

Oct. 18, 2023


Engaging with a documentary is a unique cinematic journey, enabling viewers to traverse real-world stories that are often as enthralling and eye-opening as fiction. In these truthful tales, we find ourselves immersed in myriad worlds, encountering perspectives that challenge, enlighten, and sometimes, transform us. Our curated list of five captivating documentaries and docuseries invites you into unknown territories, revealing narratives that might otherwise have remained obscure.

The documentary film brings to light the unexplored corners of our global society, taking viewers on explorations through myriad themes—from sociopolitical exposés to intimate personal journeys. From the evocative visuals of docudramas to the investigative depth of docuseries, this genre punctuates the cinematic world with its steadfast dedication to truth and revelation. Whether you watch on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, or GuideDoc, each documentary holds the promise of a unique revelation, often sparking critical conversations long after the credits roll.

The cruciality of documentaries in contemporary cinema is underscored by their capacity to usher viewers into unseen realms, demystifying complex topics, and unraveling tales so extraordinary they surpass fiction. These films, available to watch online across various platforms, stitch together real-life narratives with a compelling ardency, urging us to confront and engage with prevailing global narratives and issues. It's through these stories that viewers navigate diverse realities, oftentimes reshaping their worldviews and sparking newfound awareness.


10 interesting Documentaries that you can't miss: 




beekeeper taking honey from a honeycomb

This captivating documentary provides an intimate look at the life of Hatidže Muratova, one of the last in a line of Macedonian wild beekeepers. When a neighboring family tries to capitalize on the ancient beekeeping ways without respecting the crucial ecological balance, Hatidže faces challenges that threaten her sustainable practices and way of life. This documentary serves as a profound exploration of the human impact on the environment and the delicate balance that sustains rural traditions.


Wire In His Blood

a bearded man in backlight

Matt Deavin offers a poignant look at David Wallace, a gifted artist hailing from Ltyentye Apurte. Beyond his vibrant canvases lies a story of strength and adversity. As Wallace grapples with significant health issues, his art becomes both a refuge and a reflection of his struggles. Through intimate interviews and evocative visuals, Deavin paints a compelling portrait of an artist whose life and work are intrinsically interwoven, inviting viewers to witness the power of passion in the face of adversity.


Tim’s Vermeer

a guitarist in the background sitting in front of a window

This thrilling doc revolves around inventor Tim Jenison's quest to understand the astonishingly realistic paintings of Johannes Vermeer. Struck by the idea that Vermeer may have used a camera obscura and other optical devices to achieve his photorealistic effects, Jenison embarks on an ambitious experiment to recreate one of the master’s iconic works using these techniques, blurring the lines between technology and art in a captivating journey of discovery and dedication.


The Daily Dose

human body and a catheter

This captivating documentary immerses viewers in the filmmaker’s personal world as they grapple with the acceptance of a lifelong regimen of antiretroviral treatment. This deeply personal documentary employs a mosaic of video diary entries, revealing Skype conversations with loved ones, and abstract reflections to chronicle a poignant journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and affirmation. As viewers traverse the highs and lows of this emotional voyage, "The Daily Dose" shines a light on the internal turmoil, offering a beacon of hope and understanding to others in similar situations.


Cartel Land

guerrillas armed with rifles in the air

This shocking documentary delves into the violent world of drug cartels in Mexico and the vigilante groups that rise against them. Director Matthew Heineman gains unprecedented access to vigilante groups on both sides of the border, providing a visceral look into the brutal reality of the drug war. Straddling lines of morality and justice, it presents a stark, unfiltered exploration of the chaotic power dynamics and cyclical violence that plague the region.


Seven Symphonies Of Zagros

a man prays in front of some huge windows

The enchanting philosophy of seven musical maqams is brought to life through the story of an elderly man who has dedicated 65 years to playing the shamshal - the oldest wind instrument in Zagros. The film employs the powerful narrative tool of monologue, offering viewers an intimate glimpse into the life of the protagonist and the profound influence of the maqams. It is a character-driven journey that subtly weaves in the philosophical underpinnings of this ancient musical tradition, illustrating how deeply it is woven into the social fabric of Zagros.


Searching for Sugar Man

a black-haired guitarist walks with his head down

In this awe-inspiring documentary, two fans seek to uncover the fate of 1970s rock star Rodriguez, who faded into obscurity in his home country of the USA but, unbeknownst to him, became a superstar in apartheid-era South Africa. "Searching for Sugar Man" is a compelling tale of forgotten talent and unexpected redemption, revealing how music can traverse cultural and physical boundaries to touch hearts across the world.


A man and a camera

a man hides his gaze behind a branch

This enigmatic documentary transports audiences to the vast Dutch countryside, where amidst the tranquil scenery lurks a mysterious presence: an entity with a singular purpose - to capture everything it encounters with its camera silently. As it meanders through the hinterlands, the entity's path leads it to a peculiar threshold - a doorway leading to the daily lives of the region's inhabitants. But the entity is uninvited, its intentions unclear, its lens unblinking. How will the locals react to this unexpected and mute observer? A curious blend of amusement and unease, everyday life, and the surreal. This film offers a fresh lens through which to view the act of documentation, the nature of curiosity, and the boundary between the observer and the observed.



a gorilla keeper hugging one of them

Set in the expansive landscapes of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this documentary exposes a looming threat to its inhabitants: both human and animal. As park rangers risk their lives to protect the home of endangered mountain gorillas from poachers, militia, and exploitation from oil companies, "Virunga" starkly highlights the intersection of conservation, economic interest, and ethical responsibility in a region torn by conflict.


Made in China

a young woman works crafts

In this powerful Documentary, we follow 21-year-old Yu Liang Yuan as he embarks on a significant journey from his industrial colony in Shenzhen to his birthplace in Henan, central China, to celebrate Chinese New Year. But this isn't an ordinary homecoming. This year, he carries a vital personal mission: he hopes to propose to his longtime schoolmate, whom he's been dating.


Immersing ourselves in the in-depth explorations that documentaries provide us not only enriches our perspectives but also connects us to the myriad stories that paint our global tapestry. These films, often available to watch online on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, or GuideDoc, mirror the realities, struggles, and triumphs of diverse individuals and communities, offering us a lens through which we can witness, understand, and perhaps, partake in their narratives. As esteemed filmmaker Dziga Vertov once asserted, "I am eye. I am a mechanical eye. I, a machine, am showing you a world, the likes of which only I can see." In a documentary, we see through the eye of another, granting us access to worlds afar and stories untold, perpetually expanding our horizons.


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