The Daily Dose

  • 9 10
  • 2016
  • 24min
The Daily Dose
  • Original Title: The Daily Dose

In this intimate documentary, navigate the filmmaker's internal battle with lifelong antiretroviral treatment.

The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose - Self-Discovery, Antiretroviral, Affirmation, Journey

This captivating documentary immerses viewers in the filmmaker’s personal world as they grapple with the acceptance of a lifelong regimen of antiretroviral treatment. This deeply personal documentary employs a mosaic of video diary entries, revealing Skype conversations with loved ones, and abstract reflections to chronicle a poignant journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and affirmation. As viewers traverse the highs and lows of this emotional voyage, "The Daily Dose" shines a light on the internal turmoil, offering a beacon of hope and understanding to others in similar situations.

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