A man and a camera

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  • 2021
  • 63min
A man and a camera
  • Original Title: A man and a camera

In the serene Dutch hinterlands, an inscrutable entity with a camera silently observes, leading to a curious dance between the watcher and the watched, blending the ordinary with the surreal.

A man and a camera

A man and a camera - Mystery, Observation, Unsettling, Revelation

This enigmatic documentary transports audiences to the vast Dutch countryside, where amidst the tranquil scenery lurks a mysterious presence: an entity with a singular purpose - to capture everything it encounters with its camera silently. As it meanders through the hinterlands, the entity's path leads it to a peculiar threshold - a doorway leading to the daily lives of the region's inhabitants. But the entity is uninvited, its intentions unclear, its lens unblinking. How will the locals react to this unexpected and mute observer? A curious blend of amusement and unease, everyday life, and the surreal. This film offers a fresh lens through which to view the act of documentation, the nature of curiosity, and the boundary between the observer and the observed.

Guido Hendrikx
Guido Hendrikx Director

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