Made in China

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  • 2019
  • 62min
Made in China
  • Original Title: Made In China

In this documentary a young man's hopes for a Chinese New Year engagement face a harsh reality check, sparking an inner journey of self-discovery and a confrontation with age-old traditions.

Made in China

Made In China - Tradition, Wealth, Self-Discovery

In this Documentary we follow 21-year-old Yu Liang Yuan as he embarks on a significant journey from his industrial colony in Shenzhen to his birthplace in Henan, central China, to celebrate Chinese New Year. But this isn't an ordinary homecoming. This year, he carries a vital personal mission: he hopes to propose to his longtime schoolmate, whom he's been dating.

Yet, as the festivities unfurl, he's hit with an unforeseen revelation. His beloved and her family have been entertaining other suitors, deciding that Yu Liang Yuan's family lacks the wealth to support a marriage. This sudden twist forces Yu Liang Yuan into a profound introspection about his place in a world dictated by wealth, tradition, and societal expectations. Now, he must confront his deepest desires and the reality of who he truly is.

Production Companies

Limmat Films Ltd.

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