Ventura Durall

Ventura Durall

Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Producer


Ventura Durall is a Spanish film director and screenwriter who has made a name for himself in the film industry for his unique and innovative style of storytelling. Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1983, Durall began his career in film at a very young age. He was always drawn to the art of filmmaking and was determined to make his mark in the industry.

Durall attended the Film and Audiovisual School of Catalonia, where he graduated in 2003 with a degree in Film and Audiovisual Arts. After graduation, he moved to Madrid and began working with some of Spain’s top directors and producers. He quickly developed a reputation for creating groundbreaking and innovative films with a unique visual style.

Durall’s first feature film, “A Summer Without You”, premiered at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2006, where it won the award for Best Screenplay. The film follows a teenage girl’s journey to discovering her own identity and was praised for its realistic and honest portrayal of adolescence.

In 2008, Durall wrote and directed his second feature film, “On the Brink”, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for the Golden Lion Award. The film follows three students from different backgrounds as they struggle to find their place in a changing world. The film was praised for its clever use of symbolism and was a commercial success in Spain.

Since then, Durall has gone on to direct several other critically acclaimed films, including “The Valencian Dream”, “The Last Day of Summer”, and “The White Horse”. He has also written and directed several short films, which have been screened at film festivals around the world and have won numerous awards.

Durall’s work has been praised for its strong visual style and his unique ability to tell stories that move people emotionally. He has created a signature style of filmmaking that has made him one of the most sought-after directors in Spain. His films have earned him numerous awards, including the Goya Award for Best Director in 2013.

Ventura Durall is a talented filmmaker who continues to push the boundaries of storytelling and challenge audiences with his unique and innovative vision. His films are a testament to his passion for the art of filmmaking and his commitment to creating meaningful and impactful stories.