Sjoerd van Grootheest

Sjoerd van Grootheest



Sjoerd van Grootheest is a Dutch director, who has been creating innovative and captivating films for over 20 years. Born in the Netherlands in 1969, Sjoerd studied Film & Television at the University of Amsterdam, where he graduated in 1994. From there, he started his career working as an assistant director for several Dutch television shows.

In 1998, Sjoerd made his directing debut with the short film “Geen Manier”. It was an instant success, and it was followed up by several more short films in the following years. In 2002, Sjoerd released his first feature-length film, “Lang en Gelukkig”, which won several awards in the Netherlands.

In the years that followed, Sjoerd continued to make feature-length films that won acclaim both in the Netherlands and abroad. “De Zomer van Sjoerd” (2007) was a box office hit, and “The Silence of the Sea” (2012) was selected to compete in the Cannes Film Festival.

Sjoerd is known for his unique style of storytelling that focuses on the inner emotional reality of his characters, as well as a strong visual aesthetic. His films are often set in beautiful locations, and he pays close attention to the details of the mise-en-scene. He is also an advocate for diversity in film, and has cast actors from various backgrounds in his films.

Throughout his career, Sjoerd has also worked on several television shows, including “De Nieuwe Wereld” (2009), “De Slapende Stad” (2010), and “De Schat van de Stad” (2014). He has also directed several documentaries, including “It’s About Time” (2015), a portrait of the Dutch photographer Rene Groeneveld.

Sjoerd van Grootheest is an acclaimed and respected director, who has won numerous awards for his work. His films are renowned for their emotional depth and captivating visuals, and he has become a celebrated figure in the world of Dutch cinema.

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