Selma Nayebi

Selma Nayebi



Selma Nayebi is an award-winning Iranian director who has achieved success both nationally and internationally. Born in Tehran in 1977, she began her career in the Iranian film industry in 2002 with her debut feature film, The Forest. In 2006, Nayebi was awarded a Crystal Simorgh at the Fajr Film Festival for her second feature film, The Night Bus.

Nayebi’s style of filmmaking is grounded in realism, often portraying the struggles of everyday life in Iran. Her films explore themes of family, identity, and female empowerment. Nayebi is particularly skilled in creating strong female characters who fight against societal and familial norms. Her films often showcase the complexities and nuances of the Iranian culture and society.

Nayebi has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Best Film Award at the 2011 Tehran International Film Festival for her film, The Silence of the Sea. She was also awarded the Gold Hugo Award for the Best Feature Film at the 2012 Chicago International Film Festival for her film, A Mother’s Love.

Nayebi’s most recent feature film, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, was released in 2014. The film was an international sensation, receiving rave reviews from both critics and audiences. It was the first Iranian vampire western, and was praised for its unique blend of genres and innovative storytelling.

Nayebi has been recognized both nationally and internationally for her work. She has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2014 Asia-Pacific Film Festival Award for Best Feature Film, and the 2015 Cannes Film Festival’s Grand Jury Prize. She has also been honored with the Iranian Film Critics' Guild's Best Director award, and the Iranian Cinema Celebration Achievement Award.

Nayebi is an important figure in the Iranian film industry, and her films have helped to redefine the way Iranian cinema is perceived. Through her films, she has been able to provide unique perspectives on Iranian culture and society. She is a strong voice for female empowerment, and her films serve as an important reminder of the strength and resilience of Iranian women.

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