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I want to be Afsaneh

  • 10 10
  • 2015
  • 38min
I want to be Afsaneh
  • Original Title: I Want to Be a Female Pro Wrestler! (1999)

This film is an intimate portrait of Afsaneh, an Irani woman abandoned by her husband and forced to sell her kidney to be able to provide a home for her only daughter.

I want to be Afsaneh

AWARDS: Best Short Documentary. Los Angeles Cineast

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Colortape International Film Festival/ Action on Film International Film Festival

I Want To Be Afsaneh. The murmur of the story of a lonely woman

Afsaneh, an Irani woman, was obliged to marry at the age of thirteen. After three years living with her husband, she gives birth to a girl.

When her husband abandons her, she struggles to earn money and is faced with the idea of selling her kidney to provide a shelter for her daughter and herself.

In this film, Afsaneh tells her story and let her pains out, problems that have haunt her for 40 years.

Selma Nayebi
Selma Nayebi Director

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Selma Nayebi

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