Bárbara Tavares

Bárbara Tavares



Bárbara Tavares is an award-winning Brazilian documentary filmmaker who currently lives in Portugal. She premiered her first feature documentary film, “HERMÓGENES” (2015), in theatres in Brazil, which was screened for 12 weeks. Her first short documentary “O GIGANTE DO PAPELÃO” (2010) was nominated for the Grand Prize Brazil and together with “BOM CAMINHO” (2017) and “WOMEN LOCKED INSIDE” (2020) her short documentaries have won jury and public awards and were screened in more than 30 film festivals around the world, including Havana Film Festival (Cuba), and Huesca Film Festival (Spain).

Besides cinema production, Barbara also directs, produces, and writes client-based institutional films.

Bárbara holds an MFA in Documentary Filmmaking at P.Porto (Portugal), studied cinema at UCLA (Los Angeles), and got a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering.

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