A Stop to Santiago

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  • 2017
  • 24min
A Stop to Santiago
  • Original Title: Bom Caminho

This Documentary is a contemplative exploration of the "Camino de Santiago," focusing on the "albergue" - a hostel that becomes a home and a repository of stories for the countless pilgrims on their journey.

A Stop to Santiago

A Stop to Santiago - Pilgrimage, contrasts, refuge, stories

This Documentary delves into the rich tapestry of experiences on the "Camino de Santiago," a journey marked by stark contrasts - the ebb and flow of arrivals and departures, the oscillation between day and night, the interplay of joy and pain, and the ever-changing faces of friends and strangers. At the heart of this journey is the "albergue," a hostel that serves not only as a refuge but also as a communal space, a home away from home. This place is steeped in daily rites and rituals, bearing the imprints of time and the countless pilgrims who have passed through its doors. The "albergue" gathers their traces, weaving them into a narrative that is as much its own as it is a collective memory of those who have journeyed on the Camino.

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