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Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump

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  • 1994
  • Nonemin
Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump
  • Original Title: Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump

A look behind the scenes of Robert Zemeckis' 1994 Oscar-winning film, 'Forrest Gump'.

Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump
Peyton Reed
Peyton Reed Director
Mary Natalizio
Mary Natalizio Production Accountant
Bill Snebold
Bill Snebold Title Graphics
Leah Anton
Leah Anton Thanks
Paul Fleck
Paul Fleck Thanks
Jim Gibbons
Jim Gibbons Thanks
Ken Ralston
Ken Ralston Thanks
William Rus
William Rus Producer
Kevin Gorman
Kevin Gorman Producer
Tom Shelly
Tom Shelly Producer
John Beal
John Beal Music
Shawn Maurer
Shawn Maurer Director of Photography
Rick Robertson
Rick Robertson Director of Photography
Mark Zavad
Mark Zavad Director of Photography
William H. Orr
William H. Orr Editorial Coordinator
Robert Ball
Robert Ball Sound Editor
Forrest Brakeman
Forrest Brakeman Sound mixer
Rick Hays
Rick Hays Sound mixer
Steve Howe
Steve Howe Sound mixer
John Vincent
John Vincent Sound mixer
Nick Rivera
Nick Rivera Camera Operator
Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks Himself
Sally Field
Sally Field Herself
Robin Wright
Robin Wright Herself
Ken Ralston
Ken Ralston Himself
Gary Sinise
Gary Sinise Himself
Steve Bolan
Steve Bolan Himself
Linda Siegel
Linda Siegel Herself
Leah Anton
Leah Anton Herself

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