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The Making of 'The Frighteners'

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  • 1998
  • Nonemin
The Making of 'The Frighteners'
  • Original Title: The Making of 'The Frighteners'

Documentary about the making of the 1996 horror-comedy.

The Making of 'The Frighteners'
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson Director, Writer...
Jamie Selkirk
Jamie Selkirk Producer
Mike Rathbone
Mike Rathbone Director of Photography
Michelle Montanez
Michelle Montanez Production Manager
Jim Fyfe
Jim Fyfe Himself
Chi McBride
Chi McBride Himself
John Astin
John Astin Himself
Jon Labrie
Jon Labrie Himself
Matt Aitken
Matt Aitken Himself
Jake Busey
Jake Busey Himself
Kyle Balda
Kyle Balda Himself
Dee Wallace
Dee Wallace Herself
Danny Elfman
Danny Elfman Himself

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