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The Little Prince's Rap Against The Wicked Souls

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  • 2000
  • Nonemin

By night Recife looks like an attractive city. The documentary "The Little Prince's Rap Against the Wicked Souls" begins with a montage sequence of Recife at night. However, by day, we soon learn, Recife is crime ridden. At one point one of the subjects of the film tells us that it is statistically the fourth worst city in the world to live in. The film focuses on two young male inhabitants of Recife who have both reacted strongly to their situation. One has become a drummer in a rap/rock band. The other has killed forty-four people and is now in jail. Both use the term "Wicked Souls" to describe their enemies. Little Prince's Rap Against the Wicked Souls is a fascinating study of how people view the world they live in, and how they react to it.

Paulo Caldas
Paulo Caldas Director
Marcelo Luna
Marcelo Luna Director
Ice Blue
Ice Blue Music
Edi Rock
Edi Rock Music
Clélia Bessa
Clélia Bessa Producer
Danielle Hoover
Danielle Hoover Executive Producer
Luis VIdal
Luis VIdal Executive Producer
João Vieira Jr.
João Vieira Jr. Executive Producer
André Horta
André Horta Director of photography
Natara Ney
Natara Ney Editor
Claudio Amaral Peixoto
Claudio Amaral Peixoto Production Design
José Moreau Louzeiro
José Moreau Louzeiro Sound Recordist
José Luiz Sasso
José Luiz Sasso Sound Designer
Simone Petrillo
Simone Petrillo Sound Editor

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