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The Human Cargo

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  • 2012
  • Nonemin
The Human Cargo
  • Original Title: La nave dolce

On 8 August 1991, an Albanian ship carrying 20,000 people reached the port of Bari. The ship was called the “Vlora”. Mooring was difficult, and some of the passengers jumped overboard to swim to land, while many others chanted “Italia, Italia”, making the victory sign. On 7 August 1991, the ship, returning from Cuba, the “Vlora” had arrived at the port of Durrës with 10,000 tons of sugar in its hold. Work on unloading the sugar was underway when an enormous throng of thousands of people suddenly assailed the ship, forcing the captain to head for Italy. The next morning, waiting for the “Vlora” was an incredulous and stunned city and an empty football stadium where the Albanians were held before being sent back home. Twenty-one years have passed since that day. Most of the people who boarded that ship were sent back to Albania, but the crossings continued and many of them had another go. Today, 4.5 million foreigners live in Italy.

The Human Cargo
Daniele Vicari
Daniele Vicari Writer, Director
Benni Atria
Benni Atria Writer, Editor
Marco Saitta
Marco Saitta Sound Editor
Giuseppe D'Amato
Giuseppe D'Amato Sound Editor
Francesco Albertelli
Francesco Albertelli Sound Editor
Eliana Consoni
Eliana Consoni First Assistant Editor
Francesco Di Stefano
Francesco Di Stefano Assistant Editor
Stefano Meloni
Stefano Meloni Camera Operator
Gherardo Gossi
Gherardo Gossi Director of Photography
Silvio Maselli
Silvio Maselli Producer
Francesca Cima
Francesca Cima Producer
Ilir Butka
Ilir Butka Producer
Ervis Alia
Ervis Alia Himself
Eduard Cota
Eduard Cota Himself

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