Daniele Vicari

Daniele Vicari

Actor, Director, Writer


Daniele Vicari is an Italian film director, screenwriter and actor. He was born on December 16, 1969 in Rome, Italy. He is best known for his work on films such as The Past Is a Foreign Land, Diaz - Don't Clean Up This Blood, and The Human Factor.

Vicari began his career in the film industry in the late 1980s, directing short films and documentaries. In the mid-1990s, he wrote and directed his first fiction feature film, The Past Is a Foreign Land, which won several awards at the Venice Film Festival. He then went on to direct and co-write the acclaimed movie Diaz - Don't Clean Up This Blood, which was based on the 2001 G8 Genoa protests.

In 2013, Vicari wrote and directed The Human Factor, a drama about a father who tries to save his son from the Italian mafia. The film won numerous awards, including Best Screenplay at the Rome Film Festival and Best Film at the International Film Festival of Marrakech.

Vicari's other notable works include The Ages of Love, which tells the story of three generations of the same family, and Noi e la Giulia, a comedy-drama about a family struggling to make ends meet.

Vicari's films often focus on social issues and family dynamics, and he has said that he is particularly interested in exploring the relationships between fathers and sons. He has also been praised for his sensitive and realistic portrayals of the struggles of ordinary people.

In addition to his film work, Vicari has also acted in several television series, including Romanzo Criminale and Inspector Montalbano. He is currently working on a new film, The Second Life, which is set for release in 2021.

Daniele Vicari has established himself as one of the most talented filmmakers in Italy, with his films winning numerous awards and receiving critical acclaim. He has a unique style of storytelling that often explores complex themes of family and society, and his work continues to captivate audiences around the world.

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