The Fabric

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  • 2021
  • 13min
The Fabric
  • Original Title: The Fabric

In a 25-story dorm cloaked in renovation fabric, 367 students navigate lockdown isolation, their view of the outside world reduced to glimpses through tiny holes.

The Fabric

OFFICIAL SELECTION: DMZ International Documentary Film Festival/ Pärnu International Documentary And Anthropology Film Festival7 Neisse Film Festival/ Seoul International Senior Film Festival/ BangkokThai International Film Festival/ LACENO D’ORO International Film Festival/ Cinema Verite/ Freiburger Filmforum - Festival of Transcultural Cinema/ FerFilm Festival

The Fabric - Cloaked from the outside world

During the lockdown, 367 university students residing in a 25-story dormitory found themselves isolated from the world, not just by regulations but by a physical barrier as well. The building, wrapped in thick fabric for unfinished renovations, left its inhabitants peering out at a dimmed outside world through mere pinholes in the material.

This unforeseen veil served as both a literal and metaphorical barrier, encapsulating the students' shared experience of isolation and the longing for connection amidst a global pause.

Iman Behrouzi
Iman Behrouzi Director

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