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Swing con Son

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  • 2009
  • Nonemin
Swing con Son
  • Original Title: Swing con Son

Music documentary by director Rafael Marziano Tinoco from Venezuela

Swing con Son
Rafael Marziano Tinoco
Rafael Marziano Tinoco Additional Camera, Director...
Jesús Rafael Pérez Lárez
Jesús Rafael Pérez Lárez Additional Music Supervisor, Scenario Writer
Federico Pacaníns
Federico Pacaníns Scenario Writer, Music...
Alberto Naranjo
Alberto Naranjo Scenario Writer, Original Music Composer
Luis María "Billo" Frómeta
Luis María "Billo" Frómeta Original Music Composer
Eleazar Moreno Ortiz
Eleazar Moreno Ortiz Additional Music Supervisor, Sound Designer
Daniel Pérez
Daniel Pérez Digital Intermediate
Márluy Escalona
Márluy Escalona Scenario Writer, Executive Producer...
Patricia Flores Carpio
Patricia Flores Carpio Post Production Assistant
Thibisay Zea
Thibisay Zea Post Production Assistant
Christopher Subero
Christopher Subero Post Production Assistant
Javier Beltram
Javier Beltram Additional Camera
Oliver Loyo
Oliver Loyo Additional Camera
Augui Verde
Augui Verde Sound Recordist
Andrés Schaffer
Andrés Schaffer Sound Recordist
Paolo Collarino
Paolo Collarino Director of Photography
Rafa Galindo
Rafa Galindo Himself
Joe Urdaneta
Joe Urdaneta Himself

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