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Street Dance Family

  • 0 10
  • 2018
  • Nonemin
Street Dance Family
  • Original Title: Street Dance Family

The journey to the world championship is fraught with difficulties for Entity, the UK's most successful and controversial under sixteen street dance crew, as they battle to overcome the many challenges that face them in their bid for glory on the world stage.

Street Dance Family
  • English
  • Original Title: Street Dance Family
Debbie Shuter
Debbie Shuter Director
Renee Spei
Renee Spei Marine Stephan
John Walpole
John Walpole Mr. Lazarus
Kev Adams
Kev Adams Johnny Jim
Sherilyn Lawson
Sherilyn Lawson Carline Jordon
Anna Hendricks
Anna Hendricks Louise Watson
David Wu
David Wu Bumper
David Kim
David Kim Aaron
Millie Brady
Millie Brady Vanessa
Berke Karaer
Berke Karaer “Posh” boy
Angela K. Thomas
Angela K. Thomas Mrs. Watson
Andrew Francis
Andrew Francis Police officer #1
Sandy McDonald
Sandy McDonald Police officer #2
Amy Forsyth
Amy Forsyth Dancer
Ted Samuels
Ted Samuels Dancer
Angela Hall
Angela Hall Dancer

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