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Stealing Klimt

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  • 2007
  • Nonemin
Stealing Klimt
  • Original Title: Stealing Klimt

Stealing Klimt recounts the struggle by 90-year-old Maria Altmann to recover five Gustav Klimt paintings stolen from her family by the Nazis in Vienna. From the end of the War up until last year, these paintings hung in the Austrian National Gallery. The film covers Maria's early life in glittering fin-de-siècle Vienna, her dramatic escape from Nazi terror and her courageous fight to recover the five Klimt's against all the odds. Maria's fight to reclaim the paintings eventually took her to the United States Supreme Court and pitted her not just against Austria but also against the US Government which asked the Supreme Court to reject her case. After Maria finally emerged victorious in 2006, one of the paintings - the "Golden Portrait" of Maria's aunt, Adele Bloch Bauer - was sold to cosmetics tycoon Ronald Lauder for $135m, becoming the world's most expensive painting ever sold. The other four paintings were recently auctioned at Christie's for record prices.

Stealing Klimt
Jane Chablani
Jane Chablani Director
Martin Smith
Martin Smith Executive Producer, Writer
Michelle Galvin
Michelle Galvin Production Coordinator
Walter Ludwig
Walter Ludwig Transportation Coordinator
Judy Parkinson
Judy Parkinson Production Manager
Paul Dosaj
Paul Dosaj Editor
Bernhard Hoefer
Bernhard Hoefer Director of photography
Simon Fanthorpe
Simon Fanthorpe Director of photography
Ulli Bonnekamp
Ulli Bonnekamp Director of photography
Tim Schwarzmeier
Tim Schwarzmeier Executive Producer
Roger Graef
Roger Graef Executive Producer
Gilonne D'Origny
Gilonne D'Origny Executive Producer
Jane Bevan
Jane Bevan Line Producer
Gerbert Frodl
Gerbert Frodl Himself (archive footage)
Elisabeth Gehrer
Elisabeth Gehrer Herself (archive footage)
Joseph Goebbels
Joseph Goebbels Himself (archive footage) (as Josef Goebbels)
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Himself (archive footage)
Willi Korte
Willi Korte Himself
Arthur Seyss-Inquart
Arthur Seyss-Inquart Himself (archive footage)
Kurt Waldheim
Kurt Waldheim Himself (archive footage)
Tina Walzer
Tina Walzer Herself

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