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Skin. Like. Sun.

  • 5 10
  • 2010
  • Nonemin
Skin. Like. Sun.
  • Original Title: Des jours plus belles que la nuit

Real-life young couple Wim and Floor spend an afternoon in the sunwashed rooms of a crumbling home in Belgium. In a unique twist, this artistic erotic documentary is edited in nearly real-time. In the slowness, we get the build, the sweetness, and the sexiness. Forget about fingersnapping fast editing. Slow is where it’s at.

Skin. Like. Sun.
Jennifer Lyon Bell
Jennifer Lyon Bell Director, Casting...
Murielle Scherre
Murielle Scherre Director, Director of photography...
Jonathan del Piero
Jonathan del Piero Additional Editing
Floor Wyns
Floor Wyns Herself

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