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Reel People

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  • 1984
  • Nonemin
Reel People

A quasi-amateur porn movie starring several regular people who answered the filmmakers' sex ad to participate in a professional porno shoot where they'd get to have sex with some famous porn stars on camera for the film.

Reel People
Anthony Spinelli
Anthony Spinelli Director, Writer
Jim Babb
Jim Babb Director of photography
B.C. Lewis
B.C. Lewis Art Direction
Susie Brennen
Susie Brennen Hairstylist, Makeup Artist
Robbie Davis
Robbie Davis Production Manager
James Scapelli
James Scapelli Sound Mixer
Carol Siegel
Carol Siegel Boom Operator
John Leslie
John Leslie Himself
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas Himself

Production Companies

Ricston Productions