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  • 8 10
  • 2013
  • Nonemin
  • Original Title: ประชาธิป'ไทย

Paradoxocracy, co-directed with Pen-ek's longtime friend and producer, Pasakorn Pramoolwong, begins with the 1932 Siamese Revolution - which transformed Thailand from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional one - and works its way to the present day, chronicling the country's major political revolutions, movements and countless coups along the way. Using a combination of archival footage, voice-overs and interviews with 15 unnamed academics, activists and political leaders, the film presents the directors' personal journey to come to an understanding of how their country arrived at its current state of near-constant political division and dysfunction.

  • Thai
  • Country: Thailand
  • Original Title: ประชาธิป'ไทย

Production Companies

Sahamongkolfilm Co.

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