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Oso Blanco

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  • 2009
  • Nonemin
Oso Blanco
  • Original Title: Oso Blanco

This gritty documentary takes you inside the legendary "Oso Blanco," the most feared prison of Puerto Rico. It is the birthplace of two of the most dangerous Latino gangs: "Neta" and "Los 27" and the scene of hundreds of murders.

Oso Blanco
  • Original Title: Oso Blanco
Christian Suau
Christian Suau Director
Ramiro Millán
Ramiro Millán Director
Donald Ranvaud
Donald Ranvaud Producer
Silvio Sardi
Silvio Sardi Producer
Willie Berrios
Willie Berrios Director of photography
Gilo Rivera
Gilo Rivera Director of photography

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