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  • 2022
  • 19min
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  • Original Title: A Ordem Reina

Traverse the revolutionary landscapes of seven countries, guided by Rosa Luxemburg's last written words, in a profound journey connecting past upheavals to the present quest for change.

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Order Prevails - Revolutionary, Reflective, Internationalist

This thought-provoking documentary embarks on an internationalist journey across seven countries, each with its own revolutionary story from the 20th century. Guided by the recitation of Rosa Luxemburg's final text, penned on the eve of her assassination in 1919, the film weaves through the landscapes and legacies of past revolutions. This narrative approach not only honors Luxemburg's enduring spirit but also connects the dots between various global movements, offering a reflective and thought-provoking exploration of political upheaval and the quest for change.

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