Fernanda Pessoa

Fernanda Pessoa



Fernanda Pessoa is a Brazilian director and screenwriter, best known for her critically acclaimed films “The King of Rio” and “The Last Day of Summer.”

Pessoa was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1980. She graduated from the Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro in 2002 and began making short films. Her first film, “The King of Rio”, was released in 2008 and was a critical success, earning Pessoa multiple awards including Best First Film at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival.

In the following years, Pessoa would go on to direct several more feature films, including “The Last Day of Summer” (2009) and “The Other Side of the Moon” (2011). She also wrote and directed the short film “The Puppet” (2009), which was well-received by critics.

In addition to her film work, Pessoa has also directed music videos, commercials, and television shows. She is currently working on an animated feature film, “The Journey of the Sun”, which is set to be released in 2020.

Pessoa’s films have been praised for their visual style, which blends elements of fantasy and reality. Her work is often described as being “full of life” and “playful”. Her films often explore themes of family, friendship, and love, in a way that is both emotional and humorous.

Pessoa is considered one of the most promising young directors in Brazil, and her work has earned her numerous awards and nominations. She is an active member of the Brazilian film industry, and her work has been screened at festivals around the world.

Fernanda Pessoa is a talented filmmaker with a unique style and a bright future. Her work has been praised for its originality and emotional depth, and she is sure to continue to be an important part of the Brazilian film industry for many years to come.

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