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Miracle on Everest

  • 7 10
  • 2008
  • Nonemin
Miracle on Everest
  • Original Title: Miracle on Everest

2006 was one of the deadliest Everest seasons on record. Experienced mountaineer Lincoln Hall was invited to join an expedition as a high altitude cameraman. It was his second attempt to summit the mountain, having turned back just short 22 years earlier. Shortly after reaching the summit, Hall began to behave irrationally, suffering from lack of oxygen. Aided by his loyal Sherpas for over 9 hours, he eventually collapsed and they declared him dead. His family were informed and the news hit headlines. But something happened that night that science cannot explain. The next morning Lincoln Hall was found alive by approaching climbers and his dramatic rescue began. Never before has a man been declared dead so high on Everest and survived. This is the remarkable true story of Lincoln Hall’s extraordinary journey back from beyond.

Miracle on Everest
  • Country: Australia
  • Original Title: Miracle on Everest
Jennifer Peedom
Jennifer Peedom Producer, Director
Hugh Miller
Hugh Miller Director of photography
Mark Fox
Mark Fox Editor
John Allan
John Allan Art Direction
Chris Hilton
Chris Hilton Executive Producer
Nial Fulton
Nial Fulton Line Producer
Wayne Alexander
Wayne Alexander Lincoln Hall
Lincoln Hall
Lincoln Hall Himself
Johno Carr
Johno Carr David Sharp
Daz Caulton
Daz Caulton Harry Kikstra
Nick Flyvberg
Nick Flyvberg Myles Osborne
Daz Gaulton
Daz Gaulton Dab Mazur
Jeremy Little
Jeremy Little Andrew Brash
Pedro Maher
Pedro Maher Pemba Sherpa
Dawa Sherpa
Dawa Sherpa Himself
Jehan Sherpa
Jehan Sherpa Dorie Sherpa
Sonam Sherpa
Sonam Sherpa Lakcha Sherpa
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor Thomas Weber

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