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Lost in La Mancha

  • 8.5 10
  • 2002
  • Nonemin
Lost in La Mancha
  • Original Title: Lost in La Mancha

Fulton and Pepe's 2000 documentary captures Terry Gilliam's attempt to get The Man Who Killed Don Quixote off the ground. Back injuries, freakish storms, and more zoom in to sabotage the project (which has never been resurrected).

Lost in La Mancha
Keith Fulton
Keith Fulton Director, Writer
Louis Pepe
Louis Pepe Director, Writer
Lucy Darwin
Lucy Darwin Producer
Rosa Bosch
Rosa Bosch Producer
Miriam Cutler
Miriam Cutler Original Music Composer
Benjamín Fernández
Benjamín Fernández Production Design
Terry Gilliam
Terry Gilliam Himself - Writer & Director
Tony Grisoni
Tony Grisoni Himself - Co-Writer
Philip A. Patterson
Philip A. Patterson Himself - First Assistant Director
René Cleitman
René Cleitman Himself - Producer
Nicola Pecorini
Nicola Pecorini Himself - Director of Photography
José Luis Escolar
José Luis Escolar Himself - Line Producer
Bárbara Pérez-Solero
Bárbara Pérez-Solero Herself - Assistant Set Decorator
Benjamín Fernández
Benjamín Fernández Himself - Production Designer
Andrea Calderwood
Andrea Calderwood Herself - Former Head of Production
Ray Cooper
Ray Cooper Himself - Longtime Gilliam Colleague
Gabriella Pescucci
Gabriella Pescucci Herself - Costume Designer
Carlo Poggioli
Carlo Poggioli Himself - Co-Costume Designer
Bernard Bouix
Bernard Bouix Himself - Executive Producer
Fred Millstein
Fred Millstein Himself - Completion Guarantor
Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges Narrator
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp As Himself

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