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Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jumpoff

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  • 2009
  • Nonemin
Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jumpoff

Go deep into the underworld of hip-hop groupies and video vixens where sex is the backstage pass and young ladies use their bodies as a way to promote themselves and further their own careers. Jump Off takes a provocative look at the seedy side of the music business where hip-hop groupies pay a high price to get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle. Hear the real, raw truth about the groupie lifestyle from the scene's biggest stars. Get the inside story from one of hip-hop's most notorious femmes, Karrine: Superhead Steffens. Reenactments show how Karrine sexed her way through the hip-hop world, climbing her way up the ladder before crashing to the bottom. Now a bestselling author, she's still kissing and telling, but the huge stars she allegedly bedded are telling their side of the story

Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jumpoff
Thomas Gibson
Thomas Gibson Director
DJ Vlad
DJ Vlad Producer
Jeff Bollman
Jeff Bollman Director of photography
Keith Gruchala
Keith Gruchala Director of photography
Sandra Crouch
Sandra Crouch Art Direction
Nicole Evans
Nicole Evans Makeup Artist
Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams Narrator
Ja Rule
Ja Rule Himself
Kool G. Rap
Kool G. Rap Himself
Mr. Marcus
Mr. Marcus Himself
Akon Himself
Big Boi
Big Boi Himself
Trick Daddy
Trick Daddy Himself
Twista Himself

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