I Love You So Much, Mommy

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  • 2019
  • 44min
I Love You So Much, Mommy
  • Original Title: I love you so much, mommy (2019)

This mid-length documentary shows us how a Mixed Martial Arts ring is seen from the eyes of Anna Azovskaya, a mother and a fierce coach of one of our fighters.

I Love You So Much, Mommy

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I love you so much, mommy. My Mom and my coach in the ring

Anna Azovskaya is one of the most colorful and mysterious persons in the Russian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). She is a gentle mother at home but she is a hard, uncompromising coach in the ring.

The body is like modeling material, even like dough. That is how it is used by a professional. But being only a spectator of the match, her face, fenced off by a lattice, bifurcates. Anna experiences life fiercely both as a mother and as a coach.

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