Anna Rudikova

Anna Rudikova



Anna Rudikova is a Russian director and screenwriter, known for her highly acclaimed films, “The Dream of a Butterfly” and “The Woman with a Book”.

Anna was born in Moscow, Russia in 1981. She was raised in a loving home, with her parents and two sisters. From an early age, Anna was interested in the performing arts, and she studied theatre and literature at the University of St. Petersburg. While at university, she began writing scripts for plays and short films.

In 2003 Anna wrote and directed her first short film, “The Dream of a Butterfly”. The film was a critical success, and it won multiple awards at various film festivals around the world. This success led to Anna being invited to direct her first feature film in 2005, “The Woman with a Book”. The film won the Grand Prix of the International Film Festival in Moscow and was the recipient of the Nika Award for Best Film of the Year.

Since then, Anna has gone on to direct a number of other successful films, including “The Sun”, “The Edge of the World”, “The Sea”, and “The Last Train”. She also wrote and directed the television series “The Lost Day”.

Anna has received numerous awards for her work, including the Nika Award for Best Director, the Chekhov Prize, and the Golden Aries Award for Best Director in Russia. She has also been nominated for the European Film Award for Best Director.

Anna’s films are known for their strong female characters and their exploration of complex themes. Her work has been praised for its sensitivity and its ability to capture the beauty of everyday life.

Anna is currently living in Moscow, where she is working on her next projects. She is dedicated to her craft and is constantly striving to tell stories that are both beautiful and meaningful.

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