• 9 10
  • 2007
  • 120min
  • Original Title: Senkyo

Award-winning filmmaker Kazuhiro Soda makes this two-part follow-up to Japanese politician Yama-san as he tries to defeat the political establishment in an election in Kawasaki.


AWARDS: Winner Outstanding Individual Achievement. Adolf Grimme Awards

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Berlinale/ International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra Punto de Vista/ Nantes Three Continents Festival/ Peabody Awards

Campaign. A curious candidate in a Japanese election

Can a candidate with no political experience and no charisma win an election if he is backed by the political giant Prime Minister Koizumi and his Liberal Democratic Party?

This cinema-verite documentary closely follows a heated election campaign in Kawasaki, Japan, revealing the true nature of "democracy."

Watch "Campaign 2" here

Kazuhiro Soda
Kazuhiro Soda Director

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