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Alfabet mafii. Dekada mafijnej Warszawy

  • 8 10
  • 2004
  • Nonemin

The film is a summary of the series of the same title. It talks about the war between Pruszkow and Wołomin during the last dozen years. It recalls the most interesting figures of the two gangs: "Masa" - Poland's witness number one, "Pershing", "nightingale", "Kiełbasa", "Słowik", "Kiełbasa", "Dziad" and "Wariat".

Artur Kowalewski
Artur Kowalewski Director, Scenario Writer
Lidka Kazen
Lidka Kazen Director, Scenario Writer
Krzysztof Spiechowicz
Krzysztof Spiechowicz Director, Scenario Writer
Maciej Sobczyk
Maciej Sobczyk Sound Editor
Marcin Matlak
Marcin Matlak Sound Editor
Ewa Ornacka
Ewa Ornacka Herself
Piotr Borowiec
Piotr Borowiec Narrator

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