Tomáš Bojar

Tomáš Bojar



Tomáš Bojar is a Czech film director, television director, producer and screenwriter. He was born in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic in 1967. Bojar studied at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU), graduating in 1994 with a degree in directing.

Bojar started his career shortly after graduating from FAMU, directing a series of short films, documentaries and television programmes. His first feature film, The Black Sun, was released in 1999 and received critical acclaim. This was followed up by the award-winning feature film, The Unseen, which was released in 2003. The film won the Grand Prix at the Berlin International Film Festival and was the first Czech film to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Bojar has since gone on to direct a number of successful films such as Mamas & Papas (2005), The Illusionist (2006), and The Karamazovs (2009). His latest film, The Final Word, was released in 2017 and received critical acclaim from both audiences and critics alike.

Bojar has also served as a producer for various television shows and films such as the Czech-German co-production, The Little Ghost (2010) and the Czech drama series, Hospoda (2012). He has served as a jury member for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and has been the director of the Ekofilm Festival since 2017.

Bojar has received numerous awards for his work, including the Czech Lion Award for Best Film Director (2003), the Czech Film Critics' Award for Best Director (2006), and the Czech Film and Television Academy Award for Best Director (2009). He was also nominated for the European Film Award for Best Director (2009).

Bojar's films are known for their aesthetic beauty and thoughtful storytelling. His films explore complex themes such as love, loss, and identity in a way that is both poetic and profound. Tomáš Bojar is an acclaimed filmmaker who continues to push the boundaries of Czech cinema.

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